The Last Camel Charge

The Last Camel Charge;   (released April 3, 2012)    “A fascinating portrait of the American West…Johnson reaches deep into the essence of how America came to be.”  Bevin Alexandra, Military Historian and author.
The hard cover edition of The Last Camel Charge was released in April 3, 2012 and has received wonderful reviews (almost all “5 Star”).  These can be found on the Internet under The Last Camel Charge, and  with Amazon.

The “soft” cover edition was released in April, 2013, listed at a retail price of $16.00, much less than the hard cover.
Pleased to report that the “typo” mistakes in the first edition have been corrected.
Book is available on Kindle, at major book stores Barnes and Noble, etc. and Amazon

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Phantom Warrior

Phantom Warrior;  ” The most riveting and unforgettable account of individual combat I’ve ever read..”   Colonel Cole C. Kingseed, Military Historian and author.
“A vivid telling of one of World War 11’s most legendary exploits.”  Hampton Sides, author

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Hour of Redemption

Hour of Redemption;   “Recommended reading.”  The National Defense Journal” Classic work.  Credited as a major source for the best selling, Ghost Soldiers.”  Time Warner.
“Stirring…exhaustively detailed, thoroughly carefully and passionately well researched.” Hampton Sides, author.
“Remarkable attention to detail…”  Soldier of Fortune
“Quite simply the best World War 11 book I have read.” Oscar Davis, authior and book reviewer.
Sony TV Pictures optioned film rights for “Hour of Redemption” in 2007 but failed to renew the option in 2009.

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Raid on Cabanatuan

  Raid on Cabanatuan;   a condense version of Hour of Redemption

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What Are You Doing Derby Day?

What Are You Doing Derby Day?  A light story of first love..  Novel set in 1955 Louisville, Ky.

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Tektite;   fiction murder mystery.  One mans effort to block an international crime ring from stealing U.S. computer sectets.  Set in th Philippines, Mexico and Arizona

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Basenji Dog From The Past

Basenji  Dog From  The Past;   a hard to find classic journey into the mystery of the Basenjis’ past.  The first book to provide proof as to why the dog breed is considered “bark less”.

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The Strange Case of Big Harry

The Strange Case of Big Harry:  Fiction, satire.  A Russian cosmonaut crashes his space ship in Wisconsin by mistake and befriends a strange creature leading to a case of mistaken identity by international agents.
Out of print.
July 2014. John Orland and Cross Roads Productions renewed their film rights option for “The Strange Case of Big Harry”.

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